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During COVID-19 marketing needs to KEEP CALM and LEARN FROM CENTENNIALS. We are sure they are the key for brands to survive. The main reason for this is that they know how to live in the online world without missing the outside world. In addition to this…

  • they know how to create attractive content in a few minutes, you just have to see  their tik toks;
  • they know how to say ‘I love you’ by using a new language like stickers, ‘memes’ and hashtags;
  • they know how to have fun with their friends by creating ‘the point game’ in which they put a point in the comment box and wait for an answer;
  • they know how to engage their audience with online activities like ‘I never, never’, ‘who is more likely to…’, and ‘ask me anything’.

For these reasons, we can affirm that Centennials are the new marketing gurus.

Some brands have been able to detect the current needs of consumers and have adapted their products to new contexts. For example, Tik Tok created a digital ecosystem where Generation Z is the queen of all generations by saying goodbye to authority profiles like bosses, family members, and institutions.

Centennials are so dominant that they have adapted the products to their whim. For instance, Zoom, which is an app for online conferences used at work. Today, thanks to the new generation, is a space for parties, remote dating, and meetings with friends. In addition, they have used this space to reaffirm their identity by using creative wallpapers.

Netflix is ​​another example of a brand that learns and reinvents itself with Centennials. Despite bringing together families, couples and friends with their streaming products, today it has created a virtual place to gather its consumers remotely: Netflix Party. This shows that in order to survive it is not enough to be in the correct channel if a brand does not adapt, it dies.

Surprises do not end here, Centennials have the ability to revive brands that were buried a long time ago, the biggest proof of this is the platform ‘’.

For all of the above, in Business Fishers we help brands to learn how to create messages like Centennials do, by making them co-creators and protagonists of new content and products. We help people who work in areas such as marketing, advertising, and communication to know Centennials, by being aware of all their moves, like professional stalkers.



Currently, the purchase experience is the main factor that supports or diminishes the motivation of customer when he is deciding which product or brand he wants. In other words, price is no longer the main factor that consumer evaluates during the purchase process. For this reason, Business Fishers had create the “Route Points” methodology, where we create the route that consumers pass through the purchase process.

With our methodology, our clients identify what happen on the mind of consumers BEFORE, DURING and AFTER the purchase; which leads to an increase of the conversion rate of clients.

These 3 phases, even though they can be considered as simple and obvious, are many times forgotten by researchers and clients, who pay attention only to what happens during the purchase process and creating strategies with low impact because they only cover that decision phase.

However, with our “Route Points” methodology, we are able to provide recommendations that cover all three phases: before, during and after the purchase, which leads to an increase of sales.

With our methodology, we obtain among other aspects, the followings:

  • Which are the Moments of Truth before, during and after the purchase?
  • Which are the interactions that are generating insatisfaction to clients?
  • Which are the most efficient Call to Actions?
  • Who is the decision maker and who the purchase influencers?
  • A clear and detailed Route of purchase that provides significant information to all company departments