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Currently, the purchase experience is the main factor that supports or diminishes the motivation of customer when he is deciding which product or brand he wants. In other words, price is no longer the main factor that consumer evaluates during the purchase process. For this reason, Business Fishers had create the “Route Points” methodology, where we create the route that consumers pass through the purchase process.

With our methodology, our clients identify what happen on the mind of consumers BEFORE, DURING and AFTER the purchase; which leads to an increase of the conversion rate of clients.

These 3 phases, even though they can be considered as simple and obvious, are many times forgotten by researchers and clients, who pay attention only to what happens during the purchase process and creating strategies with low impact because they only cover that decision phase.

However, with our “Route Points” methodology, we are able to provide recommendations that cover all three phases: before, during and after the purchase, which leads to an increase of sales.

With our methodology, we obtain among other aspects, the followings:

  • Which are the Moments of Truth before, during and after the purchase?
  • Which are the interactions that are generating insatisfaction to clients?
  • Which are the most efficient Call to Actions?
  • Who is the decision maker and who the purchase influencers?
  • A clear and detailed Route of purchase that provides significant information to all company departments