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The VMS category in Mexico is perceived as a way to help reaching well-being through energy enhancement, physical state improvement and emotional well-being.

Mexican lifestyle drives the need for increasing energy, stop free radicals and supplement bad diet habits. The consumer tend to classify these products by benefit as they have a good knowledge of what ingredients they have to take.

Consumers make a clear difference between natural and pharmaceutical products as a consequence it exist a clear target for both: multivitamins and natural supplements.

The multivitamins segment is mature, well-developed and highly competitive, whereas the natural supplements segment is mostly composed of unbranded and small manufacturers.

In the natural supplements segments, there are only 2 players with high awareness.

The consumer who is in charge of the purchase and who is the main user of these products are women.



This in-house methodology provides information to assess traditional and online communication performance vs. your main competitors.
By using our Monitor you will be able to:

  • Obtain real-time tracking of indicators to identify its effectiveness: awareness, influence, remembrance, among others.
  • Identify positive and negative attributes associated with your brand vs. your main competitors.
  • Recognize innovative communication actions and evaluate their impact.
  • Assess common media used by competitors.

This methodology answers key questions like…

  • What is the degree of your campaigns effectiveness vs. your competitors?
  • What is the degree of engagement generated by your communication strategies vs your competitors?
  • What kind of content is generated by your competitors?

With the insights obtained by the usage of Business Fishers’ Monitor you will be able to:

  • Identify the most effective advertising strategies.
  • Measure the impact of each media used in your communication strategy.
  • Learn about potential market opportunities.
  • Understand market dynamics.