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Ethnographic interviews which are performed at stores, are known as Shopalongs. Business Fishers improve this methodology adding psychological and physical aspects on the research. As a result this methodology helps to discover behaviors, thoughts, influencers and motivators on each step in the purchase process.

Through the use of our Shopalong methodology you can:

  • Assess the effectiveness of the overall communication strategy: the packaging, the rack design, the offer, among others.
  • Evaluate the ease of navigation in the store and the search capability.
  • Observe how consumer is influenced by the environment.
  • Understand the level of loyalty of the consumer towards the brand.


This methodology answers key questions like…

  • How to optimize the packaging design and layout of the store to maximize the impact of the product?
  • How to join, organize and display the product to maximize sales?
  • What are the most effective communication strategies to be used at the store?


With the outcomes obtained by Business Fishers Shopalongs you will be able to:

  1. Identify the hierarchy of each step in the purchase decision.
  2. Learn about all triggers to purchase the product.
  3. Understand behaviors; occurred in the store and in the Hall, that influence the purchase process.
  4. Discover the role and importance of:
    • in-store sampling,
    • promotional efforts such as displays, coupons and discounts,
    • customer service,
    • factors with atmospheric, experiential and hedonic effect such as: scent or music.
  1. Ensure the packaging, placement, customer experience and marketing efforts in the Hall are working to attract consumers.

Do not hesitate to try this methodology!